Solio Community Water Project Achieves 1,500 Metered Targeted Connections

Solio community water project has reached a critical milestone with more than 1,500 households connected to safe and clean water. Another 275 households have applied and are waiting for connection. In addition all schools, both primary and secondary, health centres, administration offices and Solio Dairy Cooperative Society all have a metered connections. To fully serve the community, the project has developed a further 39 kilometres of pipeline network from internally generated funds through user fees to be able to cover all villages and households that require water. To realise the immense potential of our community, the county government is partnering with partners like Groots Kenya, SNV Netherlands and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to make available drip irrigation kits to enable the households set up kitchen gardens which will further increase productivity of land besides encouraging wise use of water as a resource. All the water connections have been mapped and can be accessed through All the water connections have been mapped and can be accessed through We thank the Solio Community Water Association, NAWASCO and all other partners and stakeholder who have made this possible. For Solio community, the future is indeed bright.

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