Kaki Incubators Solving Agricultural Problems

How well do you utilize your education qualifications? Do you view lack of certificate, diploma or degree as a failure in life? Well, Geoffrey Kagos story will change your perception.
Mr. Kago is the man behind Kaki Village Enterprise that manufactures incubators for different birds and making other innovations.
Lacking a university degree does not limit the man from doing research and producing the right incubators, yet he never went beyond high school. He facilitated his high school education in Nyeri High School. In honor and respect for the former president Mwai Kibaki, whom they shared the same school and who inspired him to do great things, the school helped him in coming up with his business name.
Having been in a school where the visionary man former President Mwai Kibaki gave me enough motivation to reach for greatness. Kaki is a combination of my name-Kago and Kibaki for the respect and motivation-hence Kaki Village Enterprise, said Mr. Kago.
According to Mr. Kago, there is need to make innovations that will help people. You have to have a problem-solving technique in your mind when coming up with any innovation, which is not dependent on the level of formal education.
The man made his first innovation while in Form III for helping farmers in pumping water for irrigation. While IV, he made an incubator which became the top in the national science competition which gave him more motivation to advance in more innovations. His favorite subjects were sciences and agriculture.
However, Kago became much disoriented after his high school education as there was no money for him to proceed in the formal education, despite having produced a good grade. He resulted to hawking, masonry works and any other activity that would help put food on the table.
Kago never gave up on the need to solve problems facing the society and felt that he was not doing enough while on the streets. In 2004, he participated in innovation exhibition at the Nairobi International Show where he emerged position three which motivated him to commercialize his incubation technology.
The organization begun hatch ostriches, quails, ducks and guinea fowls chicken, geese. He was among the pioneers of the qual business around 2010.
The uniqueness in the Kagos machines to hatch birds which to him was like a hobby attracted many to an extent that the then Kenya Wildlife Services director paid him a visit. Kagos work impressed him and thus facilitated the entrepreneur to acquire a certificate permitting him to hatch various wild birds.
As a researcher and a determined entrepreneur, Kago shifted to researching on plants when the quail business become overwhelming with everybody starting their own. He had to be unique.
For five years, from 2013-2018, he embarked on research on organic farming and best practices for crop growth. He was employed by Uganda President Yoweri Museveni as a farm manager where he further learnt best farm practices.
Coming back to Kenya he decided to work with farmers in Laikipia in such regions as Karandi, Gitwamba, Kanyuka dam, and
Gatirima dam. Producing 100% farm products like fertilizers and pesticides.
One unique product from the business is a pesticide that manages 220 different types of pests and warms attacking farm products, which according to Kago works better than other pesticides in the market.
Unlike other conventional pesticides that manufacturers make for a specific worms or pests, our product controls a total of 220 different organisms. Instead of buying 220 pesticides which is expensive, just buy one that works like the 220 other products, said Mr. Kago.
Kaki Village Enterprise has since grown to work on helping farmers make better use of their farms through planting based on their soil. Through consultation services, the organization does soil testing and advising farmers which crops will thrive on different areas and seasons.
The firm has provided direct job opportunities by employing ten permanent workers and over 20 occasional labourers.
Mr. Kago is thankful to the county government for enrolling him in the Laikipa Innovation and Development Programme.
This is a unique county that is keen in the thriving of county entrepreneurs. Other counties should embrace the same.

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