NCRH Upbeat In Patient's Hygiene


What comes to mind when you think about hospitals? Doctors and nurses right? This is because of the high-value services they render, and the close relationship they have with their patients.


Rarely do we think about patient's hygiene, specifically, patient's beddings - what and who is involved in this critical function and the department involved.


Well, linen and laundry play a crucial role in how the hospital runs and make sure the patients are well taken care of. At a hospital like Nyahururu County Referral Hospital(NCRH) a modern hospital laundry washing and drying machine are necessary to deal with a large amount of linen that needs cleaning daily.


When his Excellency Governor Joshua Irungu made a health tour to NCRH on 19th August 2022, accompanied by the hospital CEO Dr. Patrick Waihenya and the hospital administrator Mr. Thomas Kiptoo among other leaders, he promised to give the health department priority to enable quality service delivery to all patients.


He visited the laundry department and several other departments that serve both inpatient and outpatient units, where he promised immediate full installation of an automatic laundry washing machine and a drier.


According to NCRH's Public Health in-charge, Mr. Paul Muriu, the machine is now operational and is enabling full range of laundry services in the facility. This has brought great impact to the in-patient department, by eliminating shortages of hospital linen, especially during the cold seasons in Nyahururu Sub-County.


Some of the features include a low-maintenance barrier washer, with exceptional washing, spinning, hot water, and disinfection quality. The drier provides highly energy-efficient drying enabling the washing and drying of hospital laundry regardless of the cold weather.


The NCRH laundry team ensures an adequate supply of clean linen to meet the comfort, safety, and personal appearance needs of patients and hospital personnel. We are grateful to our amazing team of laundry staff who go above and beyond each day to observe the cleanliness of all departmental linen.

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