Surge In Patients Numbers


Scores of new and returning patients are flocking to Laikipia's public hospitals as the county continues to roll out extensive reforms to the health sector. The development follows the return of doctors as promised by H.E. Governor Joshua Irungu in a bid to ensure a reliable and accessible healthcare system.


The governor's commitment to transforming the healthcare delivery system has given the people of Laikipia renewed optimism that they will receive the best medical care available in their home county. A spot check at NTRH's reveals service points such as the outpatient department and the specialists' clinics teaming with activity, which is a stark contrast to days preceding the Govenor's swearing-in.


In his manifesto, which promised massive transformations in the first 100 days in office, the Governor prioritized the reinstatement of doctors as his top agenda in healthcare. My first task as your governor will be to reinstate doctors who were fired over 40 months ago. We are ready to bear the full cost of the reinstatement because life is priceless. Governor Irungu stated during the inauguration ceremony.


True to his commitment, the Governor oversaw the reinstatement process of over 30 doctors by formulating and signing a return to work formula agreement that enabled them to resume their positions.


We anticipated the rise in the number of clients which clearly demonstrates people's confidence in receiving better services at the hospital after the return of doctors.said Dr. Timothy Panga, Ag. CO Health. We expect the coming doctors to address the possible demand for services even as we strive to streamline supply mechanisms to enable optimal operations of critical service points such as the laboratory.


A section of the public has also heeded the Governor's appeal to enroll in the national health insurer and select county hospitals as their healthcare centers.


We have served a number of clients who previously rescinded their cards but are now willing to have the facility as their primary healthcare provider.said Nahashon Ngunjiri, the in-charge of the hospital accounts department. This is an encouraging move towards achieving the Governor's vision of universal enrollment in NHIF as a social health insurance program to ensure the affordability of healthcare services for all.

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