Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital has consistently demonstrated its dedication to providing the highest quality eye care services.


Their round-the-clock EYE CLINIC provides holistic eye treatment; from itchy eyes, infections, age-related cataracts to trachoma, and complications resulting from non-communicable diseases such as glaucoma.


Some of these complications can result in irreversible blindness but if identified early the progression to total loss of sight can be averted.


In keeping up with, the Love Your Eyes' theme for World Sight Day this year, an eye examination is advised at least once a year. The good news is that NTRH's eye clinic performs daily eye checkups and surgeries on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


A dedicated team of medical professionals is always on hand and ready to meet the needs of clients. The team is comprised of Dr. Samuel Irungu, cataract surgeon; Dr. Julio Rodriguez, ophthalmologist; and Sadia Abdille Dakane, ophthalmic nurse.


Vision impairment is a major global health concern as it is linked to a decline in quality of life and lowers survival expectancy in the middle-aged and elderly population. It has long-term serious consequences in all aspects of life, including the ability to work, interact, and connect with the surroundings.


Therefore, there is a need to prioritize good vision as a primary sense that allows people to live, work, and contribute to our societies to their full potential.

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