Ortho Camp Day Six In Numbers


As we head out for the seventh day of our Orthopedic Camp, here is peek at yesterday's exercise in numbers.


Total clients screened by close of business was 316, a marginal drop from 328 that were seen on Tuesday.


Majority of these are females age five and above. Out of this, 161 were seen by medical officers, those booked for physiotherapy services were 155.


Total x-rays done were 114, with 280 prescriptions dispensed at the pharmacy. Others were spread across lab and ortho-trauma units.


A total of five surgeries were done yesterday, four males and a female all over five years. Seven patients were admitted yesterday, bringing the total to 44.


Majority of the admissions are males at 31, five females and eight patients in the pediatrics ward. All these are admitted in the new surgical ward.


This is made possible thanks to seamless coordination by staff drawn from all the hospital departments, the visiting teams from other Laikipia Health Service facilities, Future Health Africa, and volunteers drawn from different parts of the country. All these tabulations courtesy of the meticulous work of our Records Department.

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