The County Government of Laikipia has adopted a new modern Early Childhood Development and Education ECDE) improvement model involving rolling out comprehensive facilities that cater for holistic needs of the little learners.
New features in the comprehensive ECDE designs incorporate improved hygiene, sanitation, safety, comfort, dignity and security considerations for the children.
The new model under implementation involves modern learning spaces furnished with age-appropriate and child friendly furniture that come in beautiful multiple colors.
According to Chief Officer Mr. John Gichuki, the new modern facilities also will come in comprehensive designs comprising roof water harvesting guttering, 10,000-litre water storage tanks, modern swings, ablution facilities and security perimeter fencing to ensure safety of kids and equipment.
Laikipia County boasts of some 443 government-run and 170 private-run ECDE centres.
The modern facilities are a departure from traditional designs of just a classroom building and traditional desks that meant kids had to climb up and left their legs dangling for the whole time they are in class. We have introduced child friendly desks that come in four sets of age and size appropriate chairs that are comfortable to sit on, he said.
Last weekend, Mr Gichuki delivered a consignment of 10 sets of the new desks with four chairs each to Kahuho ECDE center on the border of Ol Moran and Marmanet wards.
The new desks were designed and made by the Nyahururu Vocational Training Centre.
The County Government of Laikipia is continually rolling out ECDE facilities to bring as many as close to each village and settlement areas as possible to ensure easy access by children.
Some 30 new centers are lined up for construction across the county in the coming two to three months.
The government is also considering tented mobile ECDE centers to cater for kids among pastoralist communities.
However, the tented mobile ECDE units come with the requirements; the teachers have to be competent in local languages, be willing to live within the community and move with their pupils when the families have to relocate in search of pastures. These dynamics come with unique staffing challenges the government is thinking about, Gichuki said.

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