County Government Co Ordination , Administration ,ICT & Public Service

Strategic Objectives of the Department


  • Promotion of programs and skills that lead to competitive manufacturing and production.
  • Formulation and implementation of Public Administration, Human Resource, Enforcement and Information Communication Technology policies in collaboration with other departments and relevant institutions.
  • Design and implementation of e-government services for effective and efficient service delivery.
  • Jointly with the National Government, promote and maintain law and order for security of life and property.
  • Coordination and supervision of the delivery of Government services.
  • To provide leadership in Inter-Governmental relations for the benefit of Laikipia citizens and businesses.
  • Effective and efficient delivery of public services and goods through a highly skilled workforce and coordination of decentralized services.
  • Provide leadership and co-ordination required for successful implementation of the CIDP and CFSP, particularly manufacturing and production.
  • Strengthen leadership and co-ordination of the formulation, development and implementation of sectoral policies and programmes.
  • Enhance the efficiency of processes through the implementation of a quality management system and
  • Strengthen linkages and feedback mechanisms with headquarters and Sub County offices.




The core functions of this department include the following:


Administration and co-ordination (public administration, public safety and disaster management and inspectorate, enforcement and compliance)


Public administration


  • Mobilizing society for production and manufacturing.
  • Representation of County Government in official functions in all administrative units.
  • Co-ordination of representation & implementation of the functions and powers of County Government in all administrative units.
  • Establishment of one-stop-service centers at County, Sub-county and Wards headquarters for effective co-ordination of service delivery.
  • Co-ordination with National Government Administration officers for effective services delivery and security operations.
  • Mobilizing resources and enhancing public participation through barazas and stakeholder forums.
  • Provide administrative services as well as coordinating the implementation of such services in ensuring smooth and efficient service delivery by the County.
  • County Administration services and hospitality and
  • Dissemination of County information to both internal and external publics.


Public safety and Disaster Management


  • Define and implement Disaster Management Policies and Procedures.
  • Provision of County Firefighting and other emergency services.
  • Create and maintain a disaster response and management system
  • Create and maintain emergency response and management system and
  • Minimizing adverse impacts of emergencies and disasters on mass production and manufacturing.


Inspectorate, Enforcement and Compliance


  • Protecting and guarding the property of the county government.
  • Enforcement of compliance with the Laikipia County laws and Regulations.
  • Inspection of compliance with trade licenses and permits.
  • Protection of public entertainment sites
  • Regulating and controlling traffic within the County for maintenance of public order.
  • Enforce the payment of land rates and any service fee payable to the county government.
  • Prevention of a breach of any county law.
  • Preparing and participating in national functions/events.
  • Providing security and maintaining order in public markets, bus parks, stadia, governments offices, government properties, and any other public place under the Countys management.
  • Carrying out inspections within Laikipia County and enforcing County legislations and applicable National laws.
  • Collaborating and cooperating with National security agencies to maintain law and order within the County.
  • Regulation and control of public entertainment & public amenities including better casinos & other forms of gambling.
  • Alcohol drinks control and licensing.
  • Control of drugs and pornography.


Information Communication Technology and E-Government


  • Promote ICT utilization in all sectors, particularly manufacturing, agricultural production and processing and in the provision of health services.
  • Digitize Government operations, processes, procedures.
  • Develop, review and implement ICT programs that promote mass production.
  • Ensure adherence to ICT hardware and software standards and interoperability of the systems.
  • Development, review, and advice on Software and Hardware specifications for the procurement, and maintenance of these assets.
  • Maintenance and security of County ICT Platforms and equipment
  • Integrate county ICT/software systems.
  • Assist all staff members to be effective users of ICT systems and
  • Promote production of ICT systems, software and hardware, including computers, phones, tablets, drones, artificial intelligence.


Public Participation and Civic education


  • Undertake stakeholder mapping to identify and ensure continuous and effective communication.
  • Engage the relevant stakeholders and the public while developing legislation and policy, making of the budget and development plans, monitoring and evaluation of laws, policies, and programs, and delivering services.
  • Continuously report and communicate to the stakeholders and the public on the process, outcome, and impact of policies, programs, and services delivered.
  • Provide adequate and sufficient notice and information to stakeholders or the public on where the meetings will be held.
  • Inform the public in order to enhance understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities and solutions.
  • Consult in order to obtain public feedback on analysis, alternatives, and decisions.
  • Collaborate with the public in each aspect of the decision, including the development of alternatives, and the identification of the preferred solution.
  • Empower the public to make decision in regard to any public issue and
  • Provide all applicable information, forms, documents, statistics and data through electronic system.

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