Covid 19 County Updates

Laikipia County Goverment in conjunction with Ajiry Survey

Please Click on the link to participate in this survey IT is Describing cultural and behavior change…

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Update on Laikipia County Quarantine Health Facilities

•Self Quarantine-21 •Discharged from Quarantine-82 •Did not Meet Quarantine Criteria-39 •Quarantined in a Health Facility-22 TOTAL…

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refurbishment Nanyuki showground as a medical facility to prevent the…

Supporting @DoH_Laikipia @LaikipiaCountyG to refurbishment Nanyuki showground as a medical facility to prevent the spread of #COVID19…

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Command centre laikipia county

Covid-19 hotline numbers in laikipia.Report to us at anytime .we are on the clock 24hours 7days a week

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How is covid-19 spread

Learn how covid-19 can be spread from one person to another

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Corona virus

Protect yourself and your loved ones

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Covid-19 awareness and enforcement

A multi-agency team has been moving all over awareness and enforcing directives meant to keep citizens safe from Covid-19 disease.

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Innovative Laikipia SMEs on the Frontline of Fight Against Covid-19

Small and medium enterprises nurtured under the Laikipia Innovation and Enterprise Programme have risen to the challenge of Covid-19 by…

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FACE MASKS There are two primary types of face masks for COVID-19 prevention: (i) the surgical masks (ii) the N95 respirators (a) Surgical…

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#DefeatingCoronaVirus: First Consignment Of PPEs, Gowns and Masks.

Having our medical Staff safe is the first and most critical step fight against any health crisis and such is with Covid-19. With that,…

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  News & Events

  1. Nanyuki Old Market Phase II Near CompletionJan 15, 2021 - The Nanyuki Old open air markets Phase II is near…
  2. From Health to Tourism and Transport, Nanyukis Set for the Next 100 YearsJan 14, 2021 - Nanyuki derives its name from the Maasai phrase…
  3. Kaki Incubators Solving Agricultural ProblemsJan 13, 2021 - How well do you utilize your education…

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