Finance, County Planning And Development


Strategic Objectives of the Department


  • Promote and enable manufacturing
  • Formulation, implementation and monitoring of legislation, regulations and policies in the Finance, County Planning & County Development
  • To comply with laws and standards governing financial and assets management
  • To employ financial and asset management practices and behavior that raises the credit-worthiness profile of Laikipia.
  • To lead and coordinate mobilization of resources from the market and public agencies as well as impact investors.
  • To employ innovative strategies to broaden own-source revenue and in line with enterprise growth.
  • To employ efficient supply-chain and suppliers/payables management practices and technologies to make Laikipia a preferred buyer.
  • To maintain timely and accurate financial reporting in compliance with the laws as a responsible financial steward.
  • To generate timely and business-friendly economic planning instruments covering both financial and physical assets for effective resource mobilization
  • To deploy effective financial and operating risk management processes and systems
  • Establish Nanyuki and Nyahururu Metro revenue and shared services zones in collaboration with the County Governments of Nyeri, Meru and Nyandarua.
  • Prepare and implement revenue enhancement plans
  • Training and Capacity building for implementation of the integrated financial management information system
  • Automation of revenue management and other related county operations
  • Continuous liaison with the National Treasury and commission of Revenue allocation and
  • To improve the budgeting process through participatory budgeting.




  1. Ensure prudent financial management
  2. Enhancement of data-driven management decision making
  3. Ensure participatory planning & budgeting
  4. Increased partnership and collaborations
  5. Resource mobilization
  6. Support innovation, industrialization and business development support and
  7. Ensure compliance with financial laws, regulations, policies and standards


The core functions of this department include the following:


Accounting services and financial reporting


  1. Implement Financial and Economic policies in the County.
  2. Annual budget preparation
  3. Resource mobilization
  4. Managing County Governments public debt and other obligations & developing debt control framework
  5. Consolidating annual appropriation accounts and other financial statements of the County Government.
  6. Custodian of the inventory of County Government Assets
  7. Ensure compliance with accounting standards prescribed by Accounting Standards Board.
  8. Ensure proper management and control of, and accounting for the finances of the County Government and its entities in order to promote efficient and effective use of County budgetary resources.
  9. Maintenance of proper records for CRF, CEF and other public funds administered by County Government
  10. Monitor financial management in County Government entities
  11. Provide National Treasury with information as required by various statutes
  12. Advise County Government Executives, County Executive Committee, and County Assembly on financial matters
  13. Strengthening financial and fiscal relations between the National Government and County Government in performing its function
  14. Reporting regularly to the County Assembly on the implementation of annual County budget and
  15. Provide oversight to the Revenue Board.


Economic Planning, monitoring and evaluation


  1. Generate County-level economic development plans
  2. Generate targeted socio-economic development plans as directed by County Cabinet
  3. Create and maintain a County Geographical Information System
  4. Create and maintain the County Economic model
  5. Develop and maintain the County Statistical System in liaison with KNBS
  6. Periodic Publication of economic performance statistics
  7. Undertake targeted economic surveys
  8. Coordinate programs and projects appraisals before presentation for funding in compliance with the PFM Act of 2012 and
  9. Conduct monitoring and evaluation surveys of service delivery as per schedules directed by Cabinet




  1. Preparing the annual budget for the County and coordinating the preparation of estimates of revenue and expenditure of the County Government
  2. Coordinating the implementation of the budget of the County Government and
  3. Taking any other action to further the implementation of this Act in relation to the County.


Innovation, Industrialization and Enterprise development


  1. Facilitation of mass production and manufacturing
  2. Support and facilitate innovators through training/skills
  3. Develop policy and structures for innovation promotion
  4. Facilitate capacity building of micro, small and medium sized businesses; their owners & staff; and their business membership organizations.
  5. Promote improved access to finance by micro, small and medium sized businesses
  6. Ensure intellectual property rights protection for Laikipia MSMEs.
  7. Promote Buy Laikipia, Build Laikipia
  8. Facilitate access to County, economic block, national, regional and international markets for Laikipia MSMEs.
  9. Facilitate acquisition and development of manufacturing skills
  10. Organize stakeholder consultative engagemet on innovation promotion
  11. Develop and call for service delivery innovations
  12. Value addition to local raw materials through processing incentives
  13. Promotion of emerging industries in the County
  14. Legislative assistance to emerging processes businesses, firms and other entities
  15. Identification of potential industrial opportunities, raw materials presence and supportive enviroments for industrial growth.
  16. Performing feasibility studies for the implementation of industrial projects with a view to growing the countys and countrys industrialization sector in line with vision 2030 and
  17. Working together with other departments and the national government to develop the County in the area of industrialization


Internal audit


  1. Reviewing the governance mechanisms of the entity and mechanisms for transparency and accountability with regard to the finances and assets of the entity
  2. Conduct risk-based, value for money and systems audits aimed at strengthening internal control mechanisms that could have impact on achievement of the strategic objectives of the entity
  3. Verify the existence of the assets administered by the entity and ensure that there are proper safeguards for their protection and
  4. Provide assurance that appropriate institutional policies and procedure and good business practices are followed by the entity and evaluating the adequacy and reliability of information available to management decisions with regard to the entity and its operations.


Supply chain management and asset management


  1. Implement public procurement and asset disposal procedures
  2. Coordinate administration of procurement and asset disposal contracts
  3. Coordinate consultations with County stakeholders of the public procurement and asset disposal system in liaison with the National Treasury and the Authority
  4. Advise the accounting officers of County Government entities on public procurement and asset disposal matters
  5. Coordinate County Government monitoring and evaluation of the supply chain function of County Government entities including ensuring compliance
  6. Promote preference and reservations schemes for small and micro-enterprises and other disadvantaged groups, citizen contractors, women, youth, persons with disabilities, minorities and marginalized groups in public procurement at the County
  7. Promote preference and reservation schemes for residents of the County to ensure a minimum of twenty percent in public procurement at the County and
  8. Administer the scheme of service for County Government procurement and supply chain management officers and capacity building

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