Hiring And Managing Employees


Posting Closes


Once you submit your application, you must wait for the job posting to close. When county government post jobs, they almost always have an application deadline. They do this so they can manage how many applications they receive and so they can move forward with the hiring process without adding additional applicants throughout the process.


In the interest of fairness, human resources departments stick to closing dates and do not allow managers to consider late applications unless all late applications are accepted. There is no fair reason to accept one late application and not another if both applicants turn in applications that meet the minimum requirements listed on the job posting.


Applications Are Screened


Once the human resources department knows they have all the applications the county will consider, they read each application to make sure that each candidate meets the minimum requirements specified in the job posting. For instance, if the posting said that the new hire must have a bachelors degree, a human resources specialist will remove from consideration all applications where the applicant does not show completion of a bachelors degree. Therefore, it is important for applicants to ensure that they clearly outline how they meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job.


List of Finalists Is Compiled


Once all the applications have been screened for the minimum requirements, the human resources department and the hiring manager work together to make a short list of finalists they would like to interview. For the sake of equity, the decisions are based on the information included in the applications. Depending on the department you're applying to, don't be surprised if you're contacted by human resources requesting references or additional information that can include writing samples or essays.


Interviews Are Scheduled


The human resources department or the hiring manager calls applicants who earned an interview. If an applicant chooses to withdraw from the process, the county may decide to either interview the next most qualified candidate who did not earn an interview at first or continue the process with one less finalist. The decision largely depends on how close the next most qualified applicant was to being chosen for the original group of finalists.


If you are contacted for an interview, you may be interviewed in person or over the phone. Some open positions receive many applications from qualified candidates. As a result, phone interviews are necessary to screen applicants further.


Necessary Background and Reference Checks Are Conducted


At this point in the process, the county conducts background and reference checks. It does not make sense to perform these checks on all the applicants from both cost and staff time perspectives. Once the finalists are selected, the checks can be performed on the small group. The benefit of running the checks at this time is so that there is no added delay if the chosen finalist turns down the job offer.


Interviews Are Conducted


Groups of finalists are usually composed of three to five people. The number of finalists to be interviewed and how many people will be conducting the interviews largely determines how long the interview process will take. If there are only a handful of finalists to be interviewed, the process may only take a week to conduct all of the interviews. However, if there are many finalists and interviewers, the process will likely take much longer.


New Hire Is Selected


After the interviews have been conducted the interviewer or the interview panel decides which finalist will receive the job offer as well as the rank order of the other finalists in case the chosen finalist declines the job offer.


Job Offer Is Extended


A job offer is extended to the chosen finalist, which is usually done verbally so that salary and start date negotiations can begin. A letter documenting what the hiring manager and chosen finalist agreed to is sent to the chosen finalist to accept.


Job Offer Is Accepted


A chosen finalist formally acknowledges the job offer verbally or in writing. The county begins paperwork necessary to hire the chosen finalist on the agreed upon start date.


Candidates Not Selected Are Notified


Once the county has chosen finalist and have agreed upon the terms of employment, the county typically notifies all the other applicants that the position is filled.


In some cases the county chooses to notify only candidates who are interviewed but mostly it follows this state of polices.

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