Loan Application Requirements


Products Offered

  1. Capital Financing for start-up businesses
  2. Business support financing for SMEs i.e. existing businesses
  3. Financing for Local Service Order/Local Purchase Order
  4. Business Asset financing
  5. Agribusiness financing

Individual Loan Application Requirements

  1. A dully filled in application form.
  2. CRB Statement of the applicant.
  3. ID copies of both applicants and guarantors.
  4. Evidence that business is based and operational at the Laikipia County(License).
  5. A copy of KRA PIN certificate both the applicant and guarantor.
  6. Bank statement/ MPESA statement for 6 months.
  7. Photos of business, securities and a passport photo.
  8. List of charged collaterals with applicants and guarantors certified by the advocate.

Group Loan Application Requirements

  1. A dully filled in application form
  2. A signed guarantee form executed by each member of the group individually committing to repay the loan requested by the group
  3. Copy of registration certificate from the department of Social Services
  4. 3 minutes i.e. one deliberating loan applications and 2 current group minutes to prove the existence of the group
  5. Duly signed list of members with ID and telephone numbers
  6. Evidence that group/business is based and operational at the Laikipia County
  7. Evidence of monthly contributions that shall include:
    1. Evidence table banking structure or any other group fund structure where members take monthly contributions according to the group’s internal guidelines
    2. Evidence on the length of time the group has been in existence
    3. Evidence on the total amount contributed by the group
    4. Evidence of the current status of contribution
  8. ID Copies of the group members
  9. 6 Month Bank account statement in the name of the group
  10. Proposed business plan
  11. By laws/constitution

Asset Financing Requirements

  1. Offer letter/invoice for the purchase of the asset within the prescribed loan limit.
  2. Evidence of 20% owner contribution
  3. Co-ownership of the asset.

Local Purchase Order(LPO)/Local Service Order(LSO) Requirements

  1. A letter of award, a LPO/LSO
  2. A letter of undertaking by the LPO/LSO issuing company.
  3. Company's registration certificate
  4. ID copies of applicant and referees
  5. Copy of PIN certificate
  6. Security
  7. 2 referees

Loan Repayment Period

Loan repayment period is a maximum of 24 months

Loan Interest

6% Per annum

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Download Application Form Here (Individual Application Form)

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