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Even more reason to invest in rumuruti

Last year Governor Ndiritu Muriithi requested former CJ Dr.maraga Kenya judiciaryfor a court in Rumuruti. He has provided space. Residents…

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Laikipia Credit Rating Report Launch

Laikipia strives to be the best County in finance management. To achieve this, the government has been taking bold moves and opening the…

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Investment Opportunities in Rumuruti

Rumuruti Investment Forum which will be taking place on February 26th 2021 presents exciting growth opportunities for engineering,…

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Laikipia Benefits From a WB-Funded Project to Enhance Skills

Laikipia county is among counties that will benefit from a World Bank project that seeks to enhance a broad range of technical skills.…

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Understanding The County Budget Process

The county Government of Laikipia through the guidance of his Excellency the Governor Ndiritu Muriithi has been in the fore-front in…

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Leasing Programme Transforming Ngobit Ward

Laikipia Leasing program has continued to transform various localities within the county.    In Ngobit ward, the residents have…

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Fight Against Desert Locusts Goes Digital

The County Government of Laikipia has put up measures to curb the spread of desert locusts within the parts of the county that have been…

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Valuation Roll Kicks off in Laikipia County

Laikipia County has this year embarked on the process of updating a register on current value on land. On completion of the exercise, the…

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Laikipia Shrugs off Pandemic Woes to Register Growth in Own Revenue

Laikipia defied the challenges related to Covid-19 pandemic to improve on own source revenue collection in the first half of this financial…

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Major win for Laikipia County Government

H.E Governor Nderitu led the Council of Governors as Chair of the Finance, Planning and Economic Affairs Committee to the Inter…

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Training for the Clergy in Laikipia on Manufacturing

The county government of Laikipia has been taking steps aimed at ensuring enhancement of manufacturing in the county by tapping on all…

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Bracing for the Big Takeover

The County Government of Laikipia is bracing itself for a takeover of all functions that have remained under control of some national…

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