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Laikipia Count First Lady

Laikipia County First Lady Maria Mbeneka is an Advocate, Notary Public, and Commissioner of Oaths of the High Court of Kenya and has been practicing law for the past 14 years. Previously practiced with the reputable firms of Okulo & Co. Advocates and E.K. Kimani & Co. Advocates.


Chairperson of Ghetto Radio Limited and the Secretary/CEO of the Athletics Kenya Disciplinary Committee. Previously served as a member of the Industrial Property Tribunal and Advisory Board member of Young Women Leadership Institute.


Maria Mbeneka Mutua is a partner in the firm of Kimani Kabucho Mbeneka & Co. Advocates. The firm is one of the prominent medium-sized law firms in the country. She specializes in Intellectual Property, Conveyance, Pension Litigation, Legal structuring, and Due Diligence, Family Law, and Mediation.




  • Maternal Health Care:
    • Beyond Zero HIV infections
    • Beyond Zero Maternal and Infant Mortality
    • Linda mama and Linda kizazi
  • Menstrual Health Management Programme:
    • Provision of Sanitary Towels for girls
    • Provision of dignity packs for boys
    • Mentorship programmes
  • Youth Empowerment Programmes
    • Safe spaces for youth
    • Integrated and inclusive programmes
  • Women enterprise and empowerment:
    • Socio-Economic empowerment
  • Hongera Mama Kit Initiative


Maternal Health Care (Beyond Zero Campaign)


  • Working towards Beyond Zero HIV infections.
  • Creating opportunities for innovative approaches i.e. Hongera Mama Kit given to mothers as an incentive to increase ANC attendance and skill delivery.
  • Identifying and creating partnership with traditional birth attendants to make them birth companions (Mashujaa wa Kizazi).

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Menstrual Health Management Programme(MHeM) - Laikipia


Menstruation is the most stressful period of the month for any woman. It is our duty, as women to make this period much easier for our girls in schools.

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A Mother's Touch


The right to meals & nourishment is a vital right to all children. A hungry child is an angry child The Laikipia School Feeding Programme, initiated by H.E. Maria Mbeneka, is geared towards healthy and productive school-going children.

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Youth Empowerment(Safe spaces for youth)


The power of the youth is the commonwealth for the entire world. The faces of young people are the faces of our past, present, and future. No segment in the society can match the power idealism, enthusiasm, and courage of young people.

A conscious effort is made by H.E. Maria Mbeneka to create safe spaces for youth geared towards inclusive and integrated programs for youth empowerment.

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Women Enterprise & Empowerment


H.E. Maria Mbeneka is involved in various occassions across Laikipia County aimed at Socio-Economic empowerment of the women of Laikipia.

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Women shall lead us upward, onward, God-ward. Women are the representation of the entire human race.


Hongera Mama Kit Initiative


HONGERA Mama Kit is a gift pack with fit-for-purpose predefined supplies issued to expectant mothers who choose to deliver within health facilities in Laikipia County after completing four recommended ANC visits and are registered with Linda Mama.


As an incentive towards skilled delivery, the Office of the First Lady, under the leadership of H.E Maria Mbeneka, rolled out the 'supen e Ndiritu' program, (a goat per delivery) to encourage traditional birth attendants to refer and accompany pregnant women to deliver in Government facilities. This program is tailor-made for Laikipia North Constituency where home deliveries are very common.

One day or day one, you decide H.E. Maria Mbeneka.

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