1. Once you have registered your company or business, secured a business name, and obtained the necessary documentation, you can apply for a business certificate/permit at any County Government offices in Kenya.

  3. The business permit is obtained from the County Government in whose jurisdiction it operates.

  5. There are fees charged for registering a business but which vary depending on the number of employees.

  7. The business permit is renewed on annual basis.

Required Information


  1. Business Name
  2. Postal Address of the Business.
  3. Land zone and plot number
  4. Business physical address
  5. Activity code for the business
  6. Number of employees
  7. Personal ID name
  8. Details of whoever is obtaining the permit

Need for the Document


A Single Business Permit (SBP) is required for the smooth operation of any business in Kenya.

The permit is important in ensuring that a business complies with the established rules for that specific type of a business.

The procedure for obtaining a business permit is the same but the cost might vary depending on the size, type, and location of the business.


Other uses of the Document/Certificate


  1. Required for loan approval
  2. Required to obtain tenders from the Government and Institutions.

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