GOVERNORS DELIVERY UNIT July 23rd 2018 Citizens Score Card 2017 2018 Financial Year

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I am honoured and delighted to present to you the first edition of ourservice scorecard.Over the past year, my Government has embarked on a major deliveryeffort which has involved aligning the Government agenda from politicalpromises to action.

This delivery agenda has been anchored on these key pillars;

a). An organizational performance is the sum total of individual performance.We are reforming the public service to present a credible, accountableand efficient government. To this end we have instituted thefirst ever performance appraisal, right sizing of our departments, as wellas right placement of our staff to ensure they are placed in jobs that utilizetheir competences.We have also introduced a Spot Award programas our way of saying well done to high performers in the public service.

b). Efficiency, efficacy and quality in the delivery of public service. In May,we held the first suppliers development conference where we engagedwith all the suppliers who are prequalified to do business with our government. They represented a mix of different businesscategories and sectors.Our focus is to build a lasting partnership with the business community and to understand their needs and interests andmore importantly present to them in a deeper manner the programme of work that my government has and the proceduraland process issues involved.In addition, we are investing in technology to streamline public service delivery by increasing speed and efficiency.

c) A commitment to promote confidence and self-belief in our people so as to imprint an active citizenry that finds itsspace in engaging on the development outcome that we all seek. We have embarked on mind-set change programme becausewe believe that the greatest path to development involves the rigors of attitude change, self-belief, motivation andthe general conviction that an idea can actually be developed to work.

d). A commitment to promote innovation and new ideas and ways of doing things. On May 30th and 31st, we held theInaugralLaikipia Innovations and Entrepreneurship Fair where we showcased 50 innovation ideas identified across our county.We had a model Four Wheeler TukTuk, a helicopter prototype, a two-wheeler planter, an integrated business convergenceapplication, an organic fertilizer processing plant right here in Nyahururu, tomato juice processing models, juice and beverageproduction from the opuntia cactus plant among many other ideas.These innovations are homegrown and represent an initial attempt at addressing issues that are the day reality of ourpeople.

e) Promoting health. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. To increase the productivity of our people, my government hasmade tremendous progress to ensure every household is enrolled in NHIF. These efforts have paid off as we are a nationalleader in implementing universal health care with more than half of our population now having some form of insurancecover.As you will find in the scorecard, it is my hope that you the reader will be able to form a well- grounded opinion on theprogress that we have made so far.My Government believes that even a good thing can be made better and hence we will collectively redouble our effortstowards this end.

Once again, many thanks.God Bless Laikipia, God Bless KenyaH.E.Ndiritu MuriithiGovernor

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