The Human Heart

Heart disease is the number one cause of deaths for most groups. It affects all ages, genders and ethnicity.


Risk factors include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking and excessive alcohol use.


I know you are asking yourself, how do I keep my heart healthy? You can take an progressive role in reducing your risk for heart disease by consuming a healthy diet, engaging in physical activity, and managing your cholesterol and blood pressure. With this, you are on your way to a healthy heart!


Briefly about the human heart

The human heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout our body, supplying oxygen and nutrients and removing toxins and waste.


The heart gets oxygenated blood from the lungs and pumps it throughout the rest of the body. It does this by contracting at a rhythmic pace, about 60-80 times per minute, thanks to electrical cells called pacemakers.


When the heart stops performing its regular function, a medical device also called a pacemaker can be implanted to assist the heart.


How to better your heart


  1. Take up a heart-healthy habit. Staying active, watching our weight are all vital parts of maintaining a healthy heart. Pick a new habit like jogging or substituting sodas with water and try to stick to it for a whole month.

  3. Educate yourself. Learn about the risk factors for heart disease, the ways you can prevent them, and the lifestyle choices that can help you stay healthy.

  5. Get your cholesterol tested. If youre uneasy you might be at risk for heart disease, request your doctor to perform a simple cholesterol test to let you know if youre at risk and should make modifications to your diet.





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